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Financial Planning Questionnaire

Once you have met with us and we have both decided to move forward, we need to gather information.

For the intake meeting, we ask that you send us some information about yourself in advance so that we can prepare for your meeting ahead of time. Please know that your information will be held in the strictest of confidence.


Below, you will find three different sections to our questionnaire. Please fill out each section in order.  If you do not feel comfortable submitting this information through our website, there is a PDF version of each section of the questionnaire that you can fill out, scan and send to us directly. You will find links to them below.

This section is for providing basic information about yourself, such as personal information, professional background, investment accounts, etc.

This section asks detailed questions about your spending on certain categories per month and per annum. There is an option to submit a spreadsheet in place of this section. (Under Construction)

This section includes information regarding the money and investing background for you and your partner/spouse.  If you have a partner/spouse, please fill this section out separately from each other and do not share answers until you have both completed the questionnaire.  (Under Construction)

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